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Collective Energy

What is Collective Energy?

Consultation phase

Search for ways to make our goals concrete


Building an energy future in keeping with our goals

A successful energy transition in Québec requires more than a desire to make it happen. It also requires action.

We want to promote a local economy that takes the environment into account, accelerate the adoption of renewables—particularly in the transportation sector—and contribute to changing our habits so we can build a sustainable future for all Quebecers.

To do this, we all need to get involved. That’s why, in spring 2021, Hydro-Québec introduced an ambitious project—Collective Energy.

What was the objective of this initiative? To conduct an extensive consultation to find out which energy issues you care about most. But first and foremost, to find ways to make our collective dreams come true.

Our three key areas behind Québec’s energy transformation

Given that they are central to Hydro‑Québec’s reflections and actions, we chose to focus on the following three goals:

Green economy

Transforming our economy so that growth and prosperity take the environment into account.

Sustainable mobility

Promoting personal and public transportation that is environmentally friendly and accessible throughout Québec.

Responsible energy use

Reimagining how we use energy so we can avoid wasting it.

Thousands of you participated in the Collective Energy consultation and submitted ideas for a greener Québec.

26,855 Quebecers participated in the consultation.

15,207 ideas emerged.

Planning phase

Analyze proposed ideas and develop an implementation plan

In progress

What will the results of the consultation be used for?

Our shared dreams will inspire action.

Together, we dreamed that local companies, and even those outside Québec, could benefit from our clean energy and become carbon neutral. We imagined that all our cars would soon be electric and that we would travel from one end of the province to the other, without polluting. We let ourselves believe in Québec’s increased food self‑sufficiency and in a future where we all use energy more responsibly.

Dreaming was the first step. Now it’s time to achieve these collective goals. Your responses to the consultation will influence our priorities as well as our future actions.

What does this mean in concrete terms?

You shared your dreams. We listened to you. We read your ideas and we were inspired by many of them!

Great minds think alike! Many of you proposed similar or complementary ideas. So we grouped them together and they’ll be evaluated by expert committees in each field.

The ideas selected will inspire projects that will be assigned to teams made up of employees, members of the public, partners and experts. Other ideas will be considered in order to enhance actions or prioritize projects that Hydro‑Québec had already planned. Innovation and co‑creation will be at the heart of our approach.

Implementation phase

Start of the implementation of the projects we imagined together


Next step

You will soon find out which dreams we plan to make come true.

We will soon present all the projects inspired by the ideas submitted during the consultation. Some projects will be implemented in 2022. Others, which are much more ambitious and complex, will take a few years to implement. We will inform you of all of the major stages.

Once again, we’ll call on you to make sure the projects still reflect your dreams. You may even be invited to participate in implementing certain projects.